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The coast is clear — for now

Within moments of its on-line publication it was subsumed, overwhelmed by coverage of the nation's latest sad, if predictable, spectacle — the slaughter of a dozen innocents by a disturbed man at the Washington Navy Yard. Once assured that the violence was contained, however, the political class in Washington turned its eye to a poll freshly released by CNN. And then began linking to it in e-mails to operatives in the 50 states.

Hill runs for the House

House District 35 stretches from the northern part of Little Rock out past Pinnacle Mountain. Like at least a third of the state's House seats, it will have no incumbent in next year's elections. It would not be worth singling out except for this: Its announced Republican candidate is French Hill, one of the state's top-tier business figures.

Who’s Mark Pryor?

They were on their way from Little Rock to some political mission in the state's upper left corner so, naturally, they left Interstate 40 near Fort Smith and motored north on its newer cousin. A moment later they passed a sign proclaiming the asphalt to be not just I-540 but the John Paul Hammerschmidt Highway.

Reader mailbag

Occasionally I receive feedback from you — my dear readers — regarding a column I have written. Whether the emails are positive or negative, I consider them the highest compliment that something I wrote evoked a reaction strong enough for you to take time to express your feelings.

Lunch with Sen. Boozman

It's the noon hour on a Thursday, and Sen. John Boozman, R.-Ark., arrives for an interview at a downtown Little Rock restaurant. He takes a look at the offerings on a chalkboard menu and orders a grilled cheese.

Tough time for men, in and out of school

My alma mater, Ouachita Baptist University, and my wife's alma mater, Henderson State University, sit across the street from each other in Arkadelphia. In many ways they are in different worlds – OBU being a private Baptist college, HSU being an affordable state school.

Prevent toaster pastry larceny in your community

Considering the news of late, I urge everyone to start, sign, and submit petitions to add Parenting 101 and 102 to our public schools' curricula. The classes can be made available to high school sophomores and juniors, with a stipulation that students must pass both classes with a minimum grade of B+ to graduate.

Just so you know, your attic is out to get you

Moving the contents of our old attic to our current house in has been enlightening. If you get nothing else from my story, please commit this one important lesson to memory: move everything when you move. Using your old house as a storage building while it's on the market might seem to save time and money up front. However, you are only prolonging the inevitable.