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Police Reports

On February. 21 at 5:12 p.m., a two-vehicle accident was reported on u.s. 270/Sheridan Road at its intersection with Robin Road.

Timoth V. Wurl of Star City said he was in the westbound lane of Highway 270 and had stopped for traffic when the vehicle he was driving was hit in the rear by another vehicle.

Damage to the 2011 Chevrolet pickup he was driving was estimated at $500.

The driver of the other vehicle, Kathelyn C. Hamilton of White Hall said she was traveling in the westbound lane of U.S. 270 and the vehicle in front of her stopped before she could react and she hit the vehicle in the rear.

Damage to the 2007 Hyundai SUV she was driving was estimated at $1,000.00

Hamilton was issued a citation for following too close with an accident.

On Feb. 24 at 10:30 a.m., Officer Celena Harbison was sent to the Tobacco Superstore at 8418 Dollarway Road in reference to a shoplifting that had occurred Feb. 22.

The store manager reported that she had received information from another employee that Danny Staton of White Hall had taken eight packs of cigars from a carton and put them in his pocket, and Harbison said in the report store video showed Staton taking the cigars and putting them in his pocket, then paying for other items and leaving the store.

Harbison said she and Assistant Chief Paul Brown went to Staton’s residence and talked to him, and Stanton allegedly admitted taking the cigars. He was issued a misdemeanor citation for shoplifting and given a court date in White Hall City Court.

On Feb. 24 at 5:27 p.m., an accident was reported on the parking lot of the Tumble Room at 200 Frankie Lane.

Brandon Harris of Pine Bluff said he was sitting in the parking lot waiting for his child. He said he opened his door as another vehicle pulled into the parking spot beside him and he struck the from bumper and fender of the other vehicle.

Harris was driving a 2003 Acura.

The driver of the other vehicle, Meredith S. Chism of White Hall sad she was pulling into a parking space and as she pulled in, the driver of the vehicle in the next parking space opened the door and she struck it.

Chism was driving a 2013 Chrevolet.

On Feb. 25, Officer Brian Todd was working as a school resource officer at White Hall Middle School when he was contacted by Assistant Principal Mark Jelks who reported that a teacher at the school had been harassed and insulted via telephone an d text messages from the parent of a student.

The parent was issued a citation for Insult of Abuse of a School Employee.

On Feb. 25 at 6 p.m., a two-vehicle accident was reported on U.S. 270/Sheridan Road west of the Interstate 540 north bound off-ramp

Lisa J. Martin of White Hall said she was stopped in the traffic lane on U.S. heading east when her vehicle was struck from behind by a silver colored Chevrolet pickup. The driver told her to pull into the parking lot of the Travel Plaza and when she did, Martin said the other driver left the scene.

Damage to the 2004 Honda Civic driven by Martin was estimated at $3,000.00

The other vehicle was not located.

On Feb. 26 at 8:15 a.m., Sgt. Sandy Castleberry received a phone call from David Singer who reported that two mail boxes at 600 B White Hall Road had been damaged by a United Parcel Service truck .

Castlberry said he located the driver of the truck who denied hitting the mail boxes, and a supervisor from UPS told Singer that UPS could not repair the mail boxes until they conducted an investigation.

On Feb. 26 at 9:50 a.m., Officer Brian Hornsby was sent to White Hall Motor Sports at 7003 Dollarway Road where the owner, Beau Talbot, reported that the dealer license plate he uses as a used vehicle dealer was missing from his office.

Talbot said he was told by the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration to file a police report in order to get a replacement license plate

On Feb. 27, officer Celena Harbison was sent to the State Police Headquarters in Little Rock to pick up Nikki Flowers, who had an active warrant from White Hall City Court for failure to comply with a bond of $1,830.00. Flowers was transported to the adult detention center and the warrant was deleted from the Arkansas Crime Information database.