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Police reports

On Oct. 28, Deana Bailey of White Hall reported that she had parked her car on the parking lot of Dollar General and went into the business to purchase some items. She said she left her doors unlocked and her purse laying in the seat and later when she went to take her medication, she noticed the prescription bottle was missing from her purse. She believes the only time the medication could have been taken was while she was at the Dollar General.

Bailey said she had refilled her prescription at Walgreen’s on Dollarway Road on Oct., 19, and there should have been 22 tablets in the bottle. She said her doctor requested that the report be filed.

On Oct. 30 at 12:15 a.m., Nicholas Koberlein of White Hall reported that he was traveling north on Dollarway Road when he struck a deer that was in the roadway. He said he swerved in an attempt to avoid contact but was unsuccessful.

Damage was caused to the left front quarter panel of Koberlein’s 2012 Nissan. Police were unable to locate the deer.

On Oct. 29 at 8:20 p.m., Sgt. Sandy Castleberry was inside the Big Red Travel Plaza at 8110 Sheridan Road when he heard an alarm being activated on a black Chevrolet Avalanche which was parked in front of the store.

Castleberry said he noticed a female later identified as Brandy Jackson of Little Rock sitting in the driver’s seat and another female later identified as Shawn Jones standing outside the vehicle on the passenger side. A male later identified as Johnny Simmons, who is Jackson’s uncle, and Jackson’s’ five-year-old son were in the vehicle.

Jackson said she had gone into the business to make a purchase and when she returned to the vehicle, she activated the alarm because she misplaced her vehicle key.

Castleberry said he asked the adults for identification and ran a warrants check, and learned that Jackson had a suspended driver’s license. He said Jackson was “very hyperactive” and he asked her if she was under the influence of anything and Jackson said no. Jackson also refused to allow Castleberry to check inside her vehicle.

The report said Castleberry watched Jackson in the same parking space for about 15 minutes the vehicle then pulled out into the McDonald’s parking lot, with Jackson driving.

Castleberry stopped the vehicle and arrested Jackson for driving on a suspended driver’s license for DWI and no proof of liability insurance.

On Oct. 29, Officer Tommy Kelly reported that the Pine Bluff Police Department had Ricky Jenkins of White Hall in custody on a warrant from White Hall District Court for failure to comply on previous traffic violations. A copy of the warrant was faxed to the jail and the warrant was deleted from the Arkansas Crime Information Center database.

On Oct. 31, Sgt. Mark Bradley was sent to an address in White Hall where Oscar Bullard reported that when he returned home from work, he noticed a brown colored hot and cold cooler missing from beside his residence. Bullard said he did not know how long the cooler had been missing.

Bullard also discovered that his 2006 Dodge Ram pickup, which was parked on the roadway in front of his house had minor damage to the top of the right rear fender. Bullard is not claiming the cooler or vehicle damage on his insurance but wanted a report to make the police department aware of the incident and to request more patrols in the area.

On Nov. 2 at 2:23 a.m., Officer Chris Drye reported seeing a vehicle pull out of the Popeye’s Chicken parking lot and travel east on U.S. 270 with its lights off. Drye stopped the vehicle and made contact with the driver, Otha White of Pine Bluff.

According to the report, Drye said he noticed the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle and White gave him consent to search after telling Drye there was nothing illegal in the vehicle.

Drye reported finding a cigarette pack in the driver’s side door pocket that contained suspected marijuana.

White was issued a citation for misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance and a warning citation for driving without headlights and was released pending his court date.

On Nov. 2 at 6:30 a.m., Officer Tommy Kelly was sent to the White Hall Nursing Home in reference to a vehicle in the ditch and located the vehicle on Green Avenue across from 305 Green Avenue. There was no one in the vehicle and the hood was cold to the touch.

A check of the vehicle’s license plate returned to a construction company in San Antonio, Texas, and no identification badges from the Pine Bluff Arsenal. A wrecker was called and the vehicle was removed from the ditch.