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White Hall families enjoy the July Fourth holiday

Zach Gober and Ashley Gober took advantage of a sunny day and played softball at White Hall City Park on Independence Day.

Zach pitched to his wife Ashley to prepare for an upcoming softball tournament next weekend at Regional Park. They are teammates on a co-ed team.

“We are out here taking a couple of cuts, and enjoying day off from work,” Zach Gober said. “We respect the troops for the freedom we have to enjoy the good old sport of softball.”

The Gobers make use of the fields regularly. Later in the day, they looked forward to visiting relatives, grilling, eating and, swimming.

“We enjoy the fact that the fields are open to the public,” Zach Gober said. “We enjoy a day’s worth of activity, getting out of the house, having a good pastime.”

Randy Harris and Brenda Harris played with their grandson Harper Robinson at White Hall City Park on Independence Day.

Randy Harris served in the U.S Air Force in a career that brought him to Oman during the first Gulf War in the early 1990s, and to Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1994. In the United States, he was stationed in Missouri with the B2 Bomber Program that sent bombs to Iraq.

“Independence Day means a lot to me,” he said. “We celebrate our freedoms, our way of life.”

The day holds a special significance for veterans like Harris who remember those who died in conflicts.

“I remember the Americans who did not make it back (from war),” he said. “I had a good friend who did not make it back from the first Gulf War.”