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Weevils pick up first win in dominant fashion

MONTICELLO — For more Sundays than he would care to number, Arkansas-Monticello head coach Hud Jackson has come to campus with a daunting task: how to fix what’s wrong without crushing motivation and losing momentum. And for a team that was 0-5, the task just kept getting harder and more frustrating each week.

Wildcats stunned by Bobcats’ rally

HOPE — With a conference championship in sight for Watson Chapel and Hope, it was predictable that Friday’s game between the 5A-South Conference members would be exciting. The game definitely lived up to it’s potential, and it wasn’t decided until the final seconds of regulation.

Alabama too talented to overcome

LITTLE ROCK — The talent gap between Alabama’s defense and Arkansas’ offense is intact, a circumstance underscored by the fact that Alabama made all sorts of mistakes Saturday night and still won comfortably.

Herbie: No love just bugs

As many readers are doubtless aware, the automaker, Volkswagen, has come under fire for allegedly including a software switch that allowed heavily polluting vehicles to circumvent emissions inspections. Not only was this an outright fraud, it also meant that buyers were getting neither the promised fuel economy, environmental protection nor performance they were promised. I wished this surprised me. It doesn’t.