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Four Downs: Hatcher could return next year

FAYETTEVILLE — Bret Bielema delivered a bit of good news and a bit of bad in the bowels of the Fred W. Smith Football Center on Monday. Considering the public figure was both bits of information would be negatives, the net result was happiness.

Bielema defends late-game decisions

FAYETTEVILLE — Bret Bielema is not an angry type of guy. Not publicly, anyway. Smart aleck, perhaps. Class-clown-ish sometimes. Well-liked, mostly. Even with his penchant for saying things to garner attention, both good and ill, Bielema never comes off as hostile.

Cardinals open 4A playoffs against Cobras

Fortunately, the Dollarway Cardinals will have a chance to make a run in the 4A state playoffs and compete for a state title. Qualifying for the playoffs is a great accomplishment in its own right, and the Cardinals have clinched a playoff spot for five straight seasons. On Friday, Dollarway will be traveling to face off against the Fountain Lake Cobras in a first round playoff showdown.