Pine Bluff woman's 300 makes Thunder Lanes history

For most people, bowling is a time to get away from the business and worries of life, to just enjoy a fun time out with family, friends and/or a significant other. For others, bowling is a passion that comes from hard work and determination.

Brittney Enright Davis, of Pine Bluff, accomplished one of her goals in bowling in a packed house on Oct. 23 at Thunder Lanes Bowling Center. Davis achieved one of the hardest feats of bowling, a perfect game.

A perfect game in bowling is a score of 300, or 12 strikes in a row, in a single game (nine strikes for the first nine frames and three strikes in the tenth frame). This achievement of the rare feat was a long time coming for Davis and the feelings came with a loss of words.

“Indescribable,” Davis said. “My hands were shaking and my fingers were sweaty. It was unbelievable. It was a moment I won’t forget.”

The game has since been verified by Brenda Dokes, member of the Pine Bluff Association, and Dokes said that Davis was the first woman to accomplish the feat in women’s league play at Thunder Lanes. Davis said she felt the pressure mounting as she got in her groove as the game wore along.

“Yes. Absolutely I did,” she said of feeling the pressure to accomplish her goal. “I think at about the eighth or the ninth frame, everybody in the bowling alley had started to watch me by that time. Then in the tenth frame when I got the first two strikes, I told myself ‘okay’ and then the twelfth strike came and it was amazing. It was amazing.”

Davis said she first found her love of bowling when she started to work at the alley back in her college days.

“I started working here (Thunder Lanes) in 2001 doing birthday parties,” she said. “In my downtime I would just bowl. The bowling coach from UAPB came and she saw me bowl. She told me I needed to try out for the team. I tried out and I made it, and I bowled for the college for about three years. After that, I started bowling in a league here and I’ve been bowling ever since.”

While she was proud of her perfect game, Davis said that she hasn’t accomplished all of her goals in bowling just yet. She said she will be trying to accomplish another difficult feat.

“My next goal I want to do is a 900 series, she said. “That’s three 300s in a row. I don’t know if I can, but I am definitely going to try.”

Davis said no one has seen the last of her, and this is just the first of many perfect games she plans to have.

“I definitely plan on doing a lot of tournaments,” she said. “In 2014, there are a couple of tournaments that I definitely want to become a part of. I definitely want to do a few tournaments.”

For other bowlers out there who are working to get a perfect game, Davis offered her advice on how to achieve the feat.

“Just focus,” Davis said. “It’s a repetitive (process). As long as you throw your ball the same way every time, you’re going to strike. As long as you focus and keep your mind on the game, you can do it.”