Green excited to compete in U.S. Junior Olympics

Head coach of the St. James Boxing Club Albert Brewer said he has been very blessed with all the success he has had since opening the club over a year ago in April.

“The success that we have had for a team in its first year has been phenomenal,” Brewer said.

Fourteen-year-old James Green is another one to add to the list of the successful boxers the club has had as Green will head to West Virginia to compete in the U.S. Junior Olympics starting on Monday.

“He weighs at around 100 pounds,” Brewer said of Green. “He just has raw natural talent. He earned his way to nationals. He has only had four fights and he is on his way to nationals.

“That’s almost unheard of.”

Green, who is currently 2-2 on the year, won his matchup in Oklahoma to earn a trip to the Junior Olympics to compete against 15- and 16-year-olds.

Although the tournament is for older boxers, Green was granted special permission to attend nationals, because he will turn 15 later this month.

“At first we didn’t think he would be able to compete,” Brewer said. “After he won the regionals in Oklahoma, we thought that was just it. But when we came to find out when his birthday falls, we discovered he was eligible.”

Green said he was attracted to sport of boxing by way of his stepfather and he was discovered one day at Seabrook by assistant head coach Dominique Azeez.

“Coach Dominique brought (Green) to the gym one day,” Brewer said. “I really didn’t pay that much attention to him as he was just a tall and skinny kid. But when I saw him spar, I just saw that natural talent in him.

“When I saw him fight for the first time, I just said to myself that this kid can fight.”

Green, who joined the St. James club in December, said his favorite boxer to watch is Floyd Mayweather, but he likes to implement his own type of style in the boxing ring.

“They always try to do that,” Brewer said with a laugh. “I teach them basic boxing and they immediately try to develop their own little style.”

Green said after he gets back from West Virginia, he is looking forward to relaxing and doing what many teenagers would like to do over the summer.

“For this summer, I plan on going swimming,” Green said with a smile. “I also plan on running so I can stay in shape for next year.”

The tournament will run next week from Monday through Saturday and Brewer said they are unsure of how many matches Green will compete in, as it’s not yet known how many other boxers will compete in his weight division.

Green said he is looking forward to competing and summed it up with a few words about what he is expecting to do while in West Virginia.

“My goal is to win.”