WH’s Ramirez signs with Williams Baptist soccer

A milestone for the White Hall girls’ soccer team was achieved on Friday when Maria Ramirez signed a letter of intent with the Williams Baptist Eagles on the field at White Hall High School.

White Hall is currently in its fourth season for soccer and assistant coach Lenny Goodnight said Ramirez is the first girls’ soccer player from White Hall to sign with a collegiate team.

“I’m really excited and blessed,” Ramirez said. “I’m just very grateful for everything right now.”

Ramirez said she found out about Williams Baptist through a friend, and when she took a trip to the campus later on in the year, she knew she was home.

“She told them about me,” Ramirez said. “It just went on from there. I went up there to go meet them and it was great. It was really nice. I like the college and the coach is really nice. He is an amazing person.”

White Hall head coach Dexter Barksdale was alongside Ramirez during the signing and he talked about what kind of player the Eagles are receiving.

“They are getting a very hard worker,” Barksdale said. “They’re getting someone who will have a great attitude and be willing to learn under whoever is coaching her. She will give 110 percent and will have a good attitude while doing it.”

Barksdale said Ramirez has scored over 20 goals this season playing at her forward position, including multiple goals in a few games this year.

Barksdale didn’t have her total amount of goals scored throughout her career at the time, but he said that Ramirez had been their leading scorer by far for the season and will be sad to see her leave.

“Maria has been our top goalscorer over the past few years,” Barksdale said. “She’s a strong leader on the team and has a great work-ethic.

“She can play anywhere on the field, but she’s a great goalscorer and definitely a strength up top. She’ll do great.”

While Ramirez plans to play soccer all four years for the Eagles, she said she has her own goals to accomplish off the field as she wants to be successful while helping others around her.

“I’m going to try and hopefully succeed at becoming a veterinarian,” Ramirez said with a smile. “I want to be a veterinarian.”