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McFadden visits with fans here

Former Arkansas running back and current NFL player for the Oakland Raider’s, Darren McFadden was at White Hall’s Sandy Acres Saturday to sign autographs for hundreds of fans.

McFadden said, “I love the State of Arkansas and the State of Arkansas loves Darren McFadden. Anytime I come home and can get out in the public eye, I enjoy doing it.”

When Darren saw how many fans was waiting in line for autographs he said, “This is like re-living my Razorback days all over again because they are so supportive of me. The fans have stuck with me and I really love that.”

When asked about the upcoming season Darren said, “I’m looking forward to it. I fought through a few injuries last year, but this year Im going to get out there and pick up where I left off.” Going into his 5th year in the Darren said, “As long as my body allows me to play and the good Lord allows me to play, Im going to play as long as I can.”

Life-long Oaklawn Raiders fan Jay Newton arrived 2 1/2 hours early to be first in line to meet McFadden. He said he and friend Teddy Moss arrived at 8 a.m. to meet “the face of the Oakland Raiders.”

Newton said, “Meeting Darren McFadden was absolutly amazing. I’ve met other professional athlete’s, but ‘D-Mac’ tops them all. Today was the best day of my life. Bar none.”

Newton had a black Oakland Raiders jersey signed by McFadden. He also got a hand shake, and his picture made with McFadden.

Teresa Holloway Camp arrived about 8:50 a.m, and found herself eleventh in line.

She said, “Its awesome that Darren comes back to Arkansas to give back to the fans, even though he has moved on to the Raiders.” She had a red Razorback #5 jersey signed that she will have framed.

Camp said, “My son, Dakota, has his whole room decorated in Razorback memorabilia. The signed jersey will go in his room.”