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Watch for the children

When classes resume Monday, hundreds of children will be on the streets in and near White Hall and Redfield. Those yellow buses will be back on highways, streets and county roads carrying youth headed to and from school.

Monday will be a busy day for most families, with kindergartners headed to a classroom for the first time and some senior high students driving themselves to school for the first time. Children who have been riding their bicycles and skateboards on streets during the summer may not notice the increase in vehicle traffic, so use some extra caution when they are present.

The White Hall School District is switching from the junior high to middle school concept, the high school has expanded with four instead of three grade levels and Monday will be a new experience for many.

There are laws to follow when school buses are present on roads, loading and unloading. We sometimes forget those rules during the summer when the buses have been parked.

A drive around schools in White Hall and Redfield indicated the teachers are already back in the classrooms, hanging up new teaching tools and displays, checking their classroom schedules and student rosters.

The returning teachers have found changes: New asphalt on most parking lots, fresh paint here and there, and carpet replaced by tile in a number of areas, and other work completed by maintenance personnel during the summer months.

Teachers and other district staffers will get a dose of homework during three days of in-service training, starting today.

A number of students will receive their class schedules Monday, so the texting will be heavy long before the last bell of the day fades away. Remember the speed limits in school zones when children are present and take care when they run before thinking.