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Police target area violators

Police zero tolerance efforts paid off in the Redfield area Friday night with 10 arrests, including four for driving while intoxicated and one for simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms. Officers served 20 warrants from Pine Bluff, Little Rock and Sherwood.

In other words, some folks who needed removed from our streets and highways found themselves wearing handcuffs and accepting a free ride to a cell.

Officers had hoped to seize a large quantity of drugs based on information developed by the Arkansas State Police that a large amount of narcotics was expected to enter the Redfield area during the first week of the month. The saturation effort sends a message to drug traffickers.

Almost 50 officers from the state police, Arkansas Highway Police, White Hall and Redfield police departments, agents from the federal Drug Enforcement Administration, Jefferson and Pulaski County sheriff’s departments, Pine Bluff detectives and two canine units from the Arkansas Department of Correction were mobilized in the effort to target northern Jefferson and southern Pulaski counties.

The targeted areas were selected because Redfield Police Chief Steve McFatridge and his officers have recovered 10 vehicles that were stolen in the Little Rock area and made eight arrests, and many of the suspects involved had connections to drug trafficking, specifically methamphetamine.

While some of that methamphetamine has surfaced in Redfield, it has also been found in Pine Bluff, Little Rock and in Grant County. Friday’s arrests included three for possession of marijuana.

The Metropolitan Emergency Communications Association assigned two dispatchers whose only assignment was to monitor the radio traffic, provide officers with driver and vehicle license information and run warrant checks on those people stopped.

Honest citizens would welcome more zero tolerance operations in the future to keep drug traffickers and other scofflaws, including drunk drivers, off balance.