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It’s time to talk politics

Our View

If you believe the political process is dirty and broken, step in and become an informed voter and begin to repair the process this fall. Identify the problem areas before charging ahead.

Early voting for the Sept. 18 school board elections began Tuesday in Jefferson County and ballots can be cast weekdays through Sept. 17. In the White Hall School District, all but one incumbent school board member filed for another term and did not draw an opponent. Only one candidate filed for the single open board seat. The state Department of Education has taken over the Dollarway School District, so there are no board races.

There are no contested municipal races in White Hall. However, every municipal office up for election at Redfield this year is contested by two candidates. Redfield Mayor Tony Lawhon, who is in the second year of a four-year term, faces a recall election Nov. 6.

Countywide races include contests for county judge and sheriff in November.

Jefferson County voters will also help decide who serves in Congress from the First and Fourth congressional districts.

All 135 General Assembly seats are up for election in 2012 after redistricting last year following the 2010 census count. Eighteen contested Senate races and 54 contested House races are on the Nov. 6 general election ballot.

Get to know the candidates. A number of election forums will be held in the area before Nov. 6. Ask questions to determine where the candidates stand. Avoid the hate-filled diatribes. Paranoia and vitriol have no real values in the political process.

Counting political yard signs and billboards is not a scientific method of selecting a candidate for office. While some candidates have shied from specifics, it’s a shortsighted strategy. Ask lots of questions.

Remember to vote.