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General election voting has begun

Our View

The Nov. 6 general election may be 13 days away, but early voting has begun. The ballot includes races for Jefferson County judge, sheriff, in addition to issues on a sales tax proposal to fund highway improvements and medical marijuana, plus a mayoral recall.

Early voting will continue through Nov. 5 at the Jefferson County Courthouse.
The runoff will be held Nov. 27.
More political parties than ever are represented on the ballot. For president and vice president, there are five parties — Green, Socialism & Liberation, Democrat, Republican and Libertarian — represented. The voting for Congress will a bit simpler with just four parties on the ballot.
Two state Senate and three House races are on the county ballot, and all six aldermanic seats on the Redfield City Council and the office of recorder/treasurer are contested.
Redfield voters can mark the ballots for or against the recall of Mayor Tony Lawhon, who is in the middle of a four-year term.
Voters must be better prepared this year when they approach the voting machines. That means studying the candidates and their platforms and understanding the referendum issues.
You can’t take back a vote once the final decision is made. The impact of decisions made over the next few days will be felt for years.
Congress must decide after the presidential election, for example, if $1.2 trillion in automatic budget cuts will stand. The Defense Department, schools and almost every area of federal, state, county and municipal governments would feel the impact.
This may be one of the most crucial elections we have faced in decades.
We encourage voters to ask the candidates tough questions and consider the impact of the issues. You will be gambling with our future by entering the polling station uninformed.