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Real Estate

The following Jefferson County properties were transferred or sold recently with recording date, amount (if property was sold), owner, previous owner and address of property, according to the Jefferson County Assessor’s Office:

Dec. 5, $6,000, Whitehead Family Farms LLC, James W. Lindsay and wife, 5700 Watkins Road, Plum Bayou area.

Dec. 6, $5,000, Roy D. Curtis and Carolyn M. Curtis, Linda Driskill Pilkington et al, 12705 Dollarway Road, White Hall.

Dec. 7, Christina Nguyen, Thien Nguyen, 2106 Windsor Colony Drive, Pine Bluff.

Dec. 7, Warriner Farms LLC, Richard W. Warriner III, SEC 30 TWP 4 S RNG 08 W, 34acres/agri property, Jefferson County.

Dec. 7, Mary E. King et al, Mary E. King, 337 Regal Oaks Circle, White Hall.

Dec. 7, $2,170,000, West Farms LLC, Ferguson Farms LLC, SEC 31 TWP 4 S RNG 09 W; 434 acres , Sherrill area.

Dec. 8, $125,000, Iyad Khreiwesh, Clontz Enterprises, 5411 Dollarway Road, Pine Bluff (Dollarway community.)

Dec. 9, $4,000, Gregory Walker, Madella Cain, 1005 W. Scull St., Pine Bluff.