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Police Report 7-11-12

June 29

A 2003 Dodge pickup truck driven by Ralph E. Croft of 3304 Willowpond, Pine Bluff, backed into a 2005 Ford Mustang driven by Keatron N. Ingram of No. 89 Lexington, White Hall, on the parking lot of McDonald’s, 8012 Sheridan Road, Patrolman Robert Rogers said.

The officer quoted Croft as saying he did not see the car until the collision occurred.

July 5

A 2001 Chevrolet Suburban driven by Adella M. Sanders of 80 Meadow Lane, Rison, collided with a 2003 Cadillac Escalade driven by Samuel Tyre of 6106 Carbon, Pine Bluff, at the intersection of Sheridan Road and Heartwood Drive, Patrolman Celena Harbison wrote in an accident report.

Sanders was quoted as saying she was eastbound on Sheridan and turning north on Heartwood, when the collision occurred. Harbison wrote in the report that video from a nearby bank camera indicated Tyre was southbound on Heartwood and stopped at the stop sign on Sheridan, then began a left turn before Sanders was clear of the intersection.

Fire log

July 3

A vehicle backed into a natural gas meter in the 700 block of Gandy Avenue, damaging a line on the supply side of the meter, firemen said, adding they turned the gas off and notified the utility.

July 5

Julia Flowers of 1008 Robin Road, Apt. A, smelled smoke in the apartment. She has her husband Jimmy to check for the source of the smoke and he found an attic fan had shorted out and was smoking, the fire run report indicated.

Jimmy Flowers turned off power to the dwelling and disconnected the fan, firemen said. There was no fire damage to the structure.