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Police Log May 22

May 10

• Sgt. Sandy Castleberry was notified by a 911 dispatcher that James Stewart Courtney, age 30, of 440 Heritage Drive in Rison was in custody at the Dallas County Detention Center in Fordyce. Courtney had an outstanding warrant in White Hall. Castleberry transported Courtney from the detention center in Fordyce to the “Dub” Brassell Adult Detention Center where he was booked.

• Robin Corbin contacted the White Hall Police Department and requested that an officer meet her in the Cranford’s grocery store parking lot where she was about to recover a vehicle from her ex-husband. Corbin had talked with Officer John Zuber approximately 30 days before this call and stated that she owned a Ford pickup truck that her ex-husband was driving. She stated that he was no longer making payments on the truck that was purchased in her name. The vehicle was returned to Corbin without incident.

May 11

• Officer Tommy Kelly and Officer Brian Hornsby were notified that Orbie Owens, age 31, of 405 Reynolds Ave., had been arrested by the Arkansas State Police on an outstanding warrant.

• A noise complaint resulted in a motorcycle pursuit and an arrest at a residence. Sgt. Sandy Castleberry reported that he and Officer Stephen Moreau were responding to a call about loud noise at 5 Heritage Park Drive and individuals driving motorcycles unsafely in that neighborhood. En route to the house, Castleberry was passed by a motorcycle on which he was unable to see a license plate. Castleberry pursued the motorcycle signaling his blue lights. The motorcycle turned into the parking lot of Pine Bluff National Bank, made a circle, and then pulled up along the driver’s side of Castleberry’s patrol car. The officer told the driver to remain there so that he could turn his patrol car around to conduct a traffic stop. The driver fled and Castleberry gave chase. but was unable to catch up to the motorcycle and did not continue the pursuit.

Moreau and Castleberry then proceeded to investigate the noise complaint. They spoke with Sandra Williams and Carlos Matthews, both of whom stated that the man driving the motorcycle had been there attending a party and had left to go to work. He was only known to them by the name of J Rod.

The officers left the house but were dispatched to the same residence just a few minutes later for another noise complaint. Upon arrival this time, the officers reported that they observed Dwight Kates Jr. standing outside loudly using racial slurs and cursing. It was apparent that he was intoxicated, according to the police report. Castleberry ran a warrant check, which showed a bench warrant for Kates.

When told of the warrant, Kates allegedly resisted arrest and became combative forcing Castleberry to stun him using a taser. Kates calmed down briefly but became combative again and was stunned a second time, according to the police report.

Once in the patrol car, Kates allegedly began kicking and hitting the inside of the vehicle, which prompted the officers to restrain his feet. He was transported to the “Dub” Brassell Adult Detention Center and booked on disorderly conduct, public intoxication and resisting arrest.

May 12

• Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputy Rick Conyers arrested Kristopher Pratt, 23 of 1528 Butram Rd., Pine Bluff, on an outstanding warrant issued by the WHPD. Sgt. Sandy Castleberry was notified of the arrest and Pratt was booked at the “Dub” Brassell Adult Detention Center.

May 13

• Patrolman Brian Hornsby met a Grant County Sheriff’s Deputy at the Jefferson and Grant County line to retrieve Jared N Bryant, 29 of 1407 Chaney Rd., Redfield, who had been arrested. Bryant had an active warrant in White Hall. He was transported to the “Dub” Brassell Adult Detention Center for booking.

• A two-vehicle accident occurred on Highway 270 near the Interstate 530 exit ramp. According to a report by Officer Dustin Summers, Deborah Stephens was exiting I-530 from the southbound ramp and turning left onto Highway 270. Jennifer Thyen was traveling west on Highway 270 through the intersection. Thyen stated that the sun was in her eyes and by the time she saw the red light, she did not have enough time to stop so her Toyota Prius struck Stephens’ Mitsubishi Endeavor. No injuries were reported.

May 15

• Officer Dustin Summers took a theft report from Sonya Bowles at the White Hall Police Department. Bowles stated that on May 11, she was sitting on a bench in the fenced area at the front of White Hall City Park. Her child fell out a swing and she got up to aid her child leaving a pill bottle with approximately 70-80 hydrocodone on the bench where she had been sitting. When Bowles returned to the bench a few minutes later, the pill bottle was missing.

• Officer Tommy Kelly took a report from Sharon Burdine, who said that she had been walking along White Hall Avenue when two dogs charged her. Burdine said that she swung at the dogs and received a laceration along her middle finger. According to Burdine a female then came out of the house at 500 White Hall Ave. and retrieved the dog. Kelly advised Burdine to seek medical attention, then he went to the residence to try and locate the dog’s owner. There he spoke with Gary Clark, who stated that the dog had gotten out of its pen. He provided veterinarian records that indicated that the dog had been properly vaccinated.

• A car was rear-ended while stopped in the turning lane on Dollarway Road. Joanna Franklin was in her Chevrolet Malibu facing south on Dollarway Road, waiting to turn, when Leonard Watson Jr. pulled out of the Sonic parking lot and struck the rear of her vehicle with his Chevrolet Lumina. Watson stated that he was attempting to merge into southbound traffic when the accident occurred.

May 17

• Shiloh E. Scalzi, 32, of 8900 Galleon Drive in Rogers, was arrested by the Crossett Police Department. Scalzi had outstanding warrants in White Hall. Officer Celena Harbison reported that Scalzi was being picked up by the Fayetteville Police Department, which also had charges pending on him. Scalzi was given a court date of June 5.

• William Johns went to the White Hall Police Department to file a battery report. Johns told Officer Dustin Summers that he had been helping his daughter, Amanda Terry, move some furniture out of a house at 501 Pebbles St. when her ex-husband, Wesley Terry, arrived. Johns stated that Terry began calling his daughter derogatory names and Johns told him to stop. Terry then allegedly hit Johns in the mouth, breaking his dentures and cutting his lip. According to Johns, Terry then went inside the house and began breaking things. Summers went to the residence and spoke to Amanda Terry, who provided the same account of the incident.