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Turkey lottery procedures announced

Pine Bluff Arsenal have released their procedures for the annual turkey hunting lottery that will be held at 5:30 p.m., March 13, at the Arsenal’s Recreation Services building. The installation’s turkey season will run from April 14-16.

This lottery procedure not only regulates the turkey harvest, but offers a better hunting experience for the hunters who draw the tags. Bag limit will be one bearded turkey, no jakes. All turkey harvested on PBA must be legally checked through the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and recorded properly at the PBA Game Check Station before leaving post. All applicants will be required to have a valid Arkansas hunting license, proof of acceptable hunter’s safety course, an Arsenal Natural Resources Permit and picture badge before being allowed to hunt turn on PBA. Application is free, but applicants must pay $15 to receive PBA hunting permits. Hunters will need to have an antiterrorism/force protection background check performed for $27 if they have not had one within the last year.

Ten names will be randomly selected for the three-day authorized spring gobbler season. Applicants are required to attend the drawing and will only be allowed to represent themselves. Selected applicants will be authorized to hunt turkey on the Arsenal only during the 2012 turkey season. Applicants who are selected that are under the age of 16 must meet all PBA requirements.

For additional information, contact Wes Sparks at 540-3257.