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Demolition effort continues

The Pine Bluff Arsenal completed the first round Saturday in the demolition of the Chemical Agent Disposal Facility’s pollution abatement system.
The effort is a part of the closure procedures after completion of the final stockpiled chemical weapons disposal operations in November 2010.
Mark Greer, site project manager, said the first phase of the demolition involved the afterburner, scrubbers and pump and the outside stack.
The disposal facility has been decontaminated and agent-processing equipment dismantled to prepare for the full-scale demolition through January or February. Closure operations will continue for approximately six months.
A subcontractor with experience in explosives was hired to bring down the pollution abatement under the direction of facility’s systems contractor, URS Corp.
Chemical weapons disposal operations began at the arsenal in March 2005. The fourth and final disposal campaign was completed 23 months ago.