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SEARK’s Hilterbran stresses importance of education

Dr. Stephen Hilterbran, President of Southeast Arkansas College, was the guest speaker at last month’s White Hall Chamber of Commerce Luncheon.

Hilterbran spoke to those in attendance on how to prepare children for college. He explained that it is important for every young person to receive some sort of post-secondary education. Whether it is going to college or vocational training, Hilterbran emphasized the need for more than just a high school diploma or GED in today’s job market.

He also explained that students must take steps to prepare for this higher education due to strict acceptance criteria that many schools have in place.

“Most colleges are open admission,” said Hilterbran. “Colleges and universities have been about access since the de-marketization of education, however, it is no longer about access but about success,” he continued.

Hilterbran went on to tell the group that most colleges and universities have require testing and have cut scores which must be met in order to receive unconditional acceptance. Students must take tests such as the ACT or SAT and receive a minimum score set by the intended college or university.

Those that do not reach these scores are required to take remedial classes which will help to prepare them for the college level course work. Hilterbran stressed that students need to prepare and study for these exams and take them seriously.

Hilterbran talked about the responsibilities of high school students and said, “It is about the amount of time they are willing to spend doing what they are supposed to do.” He stressed that students need to begin preparing for college early and working to achieve that goal.