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Road improvements in tap

Road improvements are on the way at the intersection of River Road and Suzanne Drive in Redfield. The Redfield city council held a special meeting Friday night with one item on the agenda. The purpose of the meeting was to approve a resolution which expresses the willingness of the city of Redfield to utilize state aid street funds to begin road work at the intersection.

Redfield Mayor Tony Lawhon said “We are going to add curb, guttering, and sidewalks along the street that goes to our elementary school.” Lawhon also talked of the safety issues at the intersection by saying, “Right now when you pull up to the stop sign to turn left off of Suzanne onto River Road, you can’t see traffic coming from the right because of the way the road goes up.”

According to Lawhon, the project will build up the road to improve visibility over the hill. Once the road work is complete traffic be able to be seen clearly coming from both directions. There are also plans to add a turning lane to River Road at that intersection.

The city plans to complete the project as soon as possible and hopes that while the work is being done any inconvenience to drivers will be kept to a minimum.