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Redfield ordinances approved

REDFIELD — The Redfield City Council last week adopted two ordinances and placed two proposed ordinances on first reading.

The two placed on three readings and adopted repealed a 1991 ordinance and a 1996 action approved by the city’s aldermen that involved the municipal water and sewer system. On Feb. 5, 1991, the council adopted an ordinance appointing the city’s mayor as water and street superintendent. While the mayor at the time was qualified and willing to serve in the vacancy, he left office Jan. 1, 2003, and no mayor has served in that capacity since.

The 1996 ordinance and a referenced resolution authorized an increase in the mayor’s salary for performing the additional duties of “water and street manager.” Action taken Sept. 4 voided any salary adjustment for the city’s mayor serving in a capacity as head of the water and sewer system.

The proposals placed on first reading would, if adopted later:

■ Require copies of all proposed ordinances and resolutions be provided to council members, the city attorney and mayor no later than the Friday preceding the council meeting on the first Tuesday of each month.

■ Establish rules and regulations for public parks and other recreational areas, including bans on operating ATVs and other off-road vehicles in the areas; prohibit the use of trotlines, yo-yos, seining and casting nets in a public lake; and ban the discharge of firearms, BB and pellet guns and archery equipment in the parks and recreational equipment.