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Redfield Flag Day

The city of Redfield invited police officers, firemen, veterans and anyone who has provided service to the country to join in a Flag Day presentation recently at city hall.

Woodmen of the World representatives Jeff Price and Robert Clement were on hand to present Redfield Mayor Tony Lawhon with new American and Arkansas flags.

Woodmen of the World is a fraternal organization that has been around since 1890 and it is known for being the largest provider of flags outside of the United States government.

Price and Clement removed the color faded Arkansas flag from its pole in front of city hall and replaced it with a bright, new flag. The two then ceremoniously lowered the worn and tattered American flag and folded it the traditional 13 folds into its triangle shape.

The crowd then saluted as the new flag was raised to full staff.

Price and Clement had several other flags for the city that they replaced on that day.