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Planning commission recommends approval of rezoning request

The White Hall Planning Commission agreed Monday evening to recommend the east one-half of a 5.25 acre tract at 7010 Sheridan Road be rezoned from R-1 (single family residential) to C-2 (general commercial).

Developer Erasmo Dierich sought the rezoning and conditional use request for community meeting facilities south of the proposed Fairfield Federal Credit Union at 7010 Sheridan.

Approval of a rezoning request by the commission is a recommendation to the White Hall City Council to rezone the land. The council must adopt an ordinance to rezone property.

This request is more involved since the former property owner had deed to a tract that was half in Pine Bluff and half in White Hall. Each city had a different commercial zoning classification.

Pine Bluff relinquished the area in Pine Bluff and it was annexed by White Hall. However, the portion annexed by White Hall came into the city as R-1. Monday’s request involved having both sides of the tract zoned the same commercial classification.

A question was raised about a potential conditional use conflict: The plans call for the financial institution to be constructed with a community center-type building that would house corporate meetings and could be rented out for meetings and banquets.

The commission determined that the proposed community center-type structure would qualify for conditional use under C-2 zoning.

Planners agreed next month to study a possible zoning amendment involving churches in commercial zones.