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PBA to continue hunting program

The Pine Bluff Arsenal will continue their hunting program on the installation for the upcoming season.

Another hunter safety briefing will be conducted at 11 a.m., Sept. 10, at the Army Reserve Center (Building 17-500), located past the Creasy Complex outside Plainview Gate. The briefing will last approximately 45 minutes. Individuals wishing to hunt on the Arsenal must attend one of the scheduled briefings to be eligible to hunt on the Arsenal.

Individuals will be required to pass a background check through the Arsenal’s Security Directorate. The following reasons will result in denial of hunting privileges: felony conviction, domestic battery conviction, current protection order, misdemeanor Class A conviction (within five years), DUI/DWI (within five years), pending charges, convicted sex offender, or active warrant.

Persons who wish to hunt must show proof of a hunter safety education course and Arkansas hunting license. All payments for PBA Natural Resource permits must be in form of a check or money order, and made out to the U.S. Treasury. 2013 hunting and fishing fees are:

*Sportsman - $75 public; $50 for PBA employee and active duty military

*Hunting - $55 public (all activities), $35 public (participating in one activity), $35 for PBA employee and active duty military.

*Fishing - $35 public, $35 PBA employee and active duty military

Individuals should bring the following to the safety briefing for weapon registration: make, model, caliber/gauge, type and serial number. Do not bring the actual weapon. Shotguns, muzzleloaders and archery are the only authorized weapons to be used on PBA. Rifles and pistols are prohibited.

For additional information on hunting, call the Natural Resource Office at 540-3257.