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Mayor wants residents to report where street lights are out

White Hall Mayor Noel Foster said he observed several street lights were out in the city recently and has since encouraged residents to report to Entergy Arkansas when street lights are not functioning.

“The taxpayers are paying for the lights when they are working or malfunctioning,” Foster said. Municipalities pay a flat rate for street lights, acknowledged Diane Tatum, Entergy Arkansas regional manager for customer service.
Each street light pole has a vertical number that identifies its location, Foster and Tatum said. Lights that are malfunctioning can be reported to the utility by calling (800) 968-8243 and reporting the number on the pole.
Tatum said individuals can also call a report to a city hall and the municipality has a form that can be faxed to the utility for service notification.
“We provide the street lights as a municipal service for a good reason,” Foster said. “The lights help draw attention to pedestrians and others who are obeying the law, and to burglars and thieves who don’t like light on their activity,” the mayor added.