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Council meeting to address termination fails at Redfield

REDFIELD – A Redfield City Council meeting called last week “to discuss the termination of our city’s street superintendent, Harmon Carter,” did not materialize.

The first call dated Dec. 26 was invalid. It was signed by two aldermen, Danny Dial and John Jones. Three aldermen are required to call a meeting of the six-member council.

The call listed two different dates – “Tuesday, Dec. 27,” and Friday. The date of Dec. 27 fell on a Thursday, not a Tuesday.

The second call, dated Thursday, was signed by Jones, Dial and Brenda Carmical for a 7 p.m. Friday meeting at City Hall.

Jones said the three appeared at City Hall, but no one else showed up. Four members are required to constitute a quorum of the council.

Jones said he left when it became obvious there would be no council meeting to discuss Carter, who was fired Nov. 8 by Mayor Tony Lawhon.

Jones did not seek re-election to the council in the Nov. 6 general election. Carmical and Dial lost their re-election bids.