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Code enforcement officer asks for residents’ cooperation

White Hall is committed to maintaining “safe, quality neighborhoods and an excellent community,” Eddie Parsley, the city’s code enforcement and building inspector, said in a statement Monday. “This can only be achieved through the cooperation of everyone involved.”

All property in the city is governed under city ordinances that require private and business properties to be maintained, Parsley said, noting “this includes mowing, trimming, raking leaves and keeping property free of debris and trash.”

Grass and weeds over eight inches in height will be considered a violation under the 2012 nuisance abatement and property maintenance ordinance, he added, noting that leaves, brush and other debris must be removed in a timely manner.

The city provides curbside collection of bagged leaves, grass and piled limbs and brush, Parsley said. Residents can arrange for collection from curbs on Mondays by calling City Hall at 247-2399.

Waste Management will provide curbside collections of old furniture, trash and other objects on Wednesdays by calling 247-3747, Parsley noted.

“Overgrown lots and property can hide a number of things, from rodents to being a fire hazard,” he reminded residents.

Parsley said he issues a verbal warning for code violations, followed up by a letter describing the violation and need to correct a violation within a designated time period.