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Board approves Redfield SRO

The White Hall School Board has approved a three-year contract for the Redfield Police Department to place a school resource officer at Hardin Elementary School in Redfield.

Superintendent Larry Smith said the agreement is similar to the one the district has had for a number of years with the White Hall Police Department to provide SROs at schools in White Hall.

Redfield Police Chief Steve McFatridge initiated discussions for placing a commissioned police officer at the school, Smith said, with the district reimbursing the department for one-half of the officer’s salary and employment benefits.

Under the contract approved by the board April 9, the department will provide the SRO from March 6 to June 30, and receive $10,280 in reimbursement.

Commencing with the start of the 2013-14 school year, the department will be reimbursed $33,995 annually for one-half of the SRO’s salary, benefits, and uniform and vehicle expenses.

In other business last week, the board recognized a number of students for their accomplishments:

• White Hall High School students who won or placed at the University of Arkansas at Monticello Science Fair included Elizabeth King, first place in chemistry; Tyler Graham, first place in planetary and earth science; Monish Shukla, first place in mathematical science; Nila Ray, first place in energy and transportation; Bailey Richardson, second place in physics and astronomy; Hunter Carnes and Jacob Bowman, second place in team projects; Tarendeep Thind, second place in energy and transportation; and Kelsey Lisemby, third place in energy and transportation.

• WHHS students who won or placed at the Arkansas Science Fair included Tyler Graham, second place in planetary and earth science, with a special award from the American Meteorological Society; Hunter Carnes and Jacob Bowman, third place in team projects; Nila Ray and Tarendeep Thind, honorable mention in energy and transportation.

• Three students placed in the Arkansas Junior Academy of Science: Saiyeeda Hossain and Hannah Johnson, first place in behavioral and social science, and Tarendeep Thind, third place in energy and transportation.

• The WHHS girls softball team won the Drew Melton Invitational Tournament at Benton and was runner-up at the North Little Rock tournament.

• The WHHS baseball team won the Billy Bock Invitational Tournament.

The board also approved a number of contracts for certified and classified employees for the 2013-2014 school year.