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Evergreen offers $5,000 prize

“It’s important to recycle and care for the environment, and it is essential to get the younger generation involved as soon as possible. To educate school-age children about recycling, Evergreen Packaging is launching the Made by Milk Carton Construction Contest. It’s a fun, hands-on way to get kids excited about recycling,” a company spokesman said.

From now until Nov. 16, classes from schools around the U.S. will build creations to reflect this semester’s theme of “Habitats” and try to win the top prize of $5,000 for their school. A minimum of 100 cartons must be used in each structure. Entire schools can get involved by drinking more milk to contribute cartons to groups from their schools. The contest is part of an on-going campaign for consumer awareness of carton recycling.

Did you know:

· More than 70% of milk carton packaging is paper, made from trees, a renewable resource

· Evergreen uses responsible foresting techniques in the production of cartons

· Over 44 million households have access to carton recycling programs.

Complete rules and details of the Made by Milk Carton Construction Contest are available at www.madebymilkcontest.com.