APCF, Challenger league team up for May 4 game

The Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation is teaming up with the Challenger league in Pine Bluff for a baseball game at 2 p.m. May 4 at Ed Brown Field.

The purpose of the game is twofold, according to Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation director of development Patrick Presley: To encourage early screening and detection of prostate cancer and also encourage families to show children that baseball is a game they can play and enjoy, no matter what obstacles they face.

Carissa Lynne Garner, who lives with Spina Bifida, will be one of the players in the game.

“Well, it’s like when I’m playing baseball, I’m in a whole different world,” Carissa said. “I mean it is so fun and everything. It just takes me out of our world. I can’t help it. When I run the bases, I get tired if I have to run all the way to third but it is so much fun. I can’t explain it. And, if I have to run to home, I get really tired but it is worth it. I just have so much fun with it!”

The motivation for the partnership, Presley said, is that legendary Pine Bluff coach Ed Brown passed away from prostate cancer. Brown helped start Little League Baseball in 1952 and coached the Jaycees Little League team for 35 years, winning 21 Little League championships, two city titles and the 1980 National Little League All-Star championship. He also helped start the Babe Ruth program and restart Pine Bluff High School’s baseball program.

The goal of the APCF and the Challenger league is to see the event grow into teams from across the state coming to Pine Bluff to participate.