Pledger key to Hurst’s second 4-Ball title

Cameron Hurst is a former winner of the Harbor Oaks 4-Ball event, but he needed some help from a first-timer to win the event a second time.

Hurst, who won the event in 2009, teamed up with Chris Pledger for the first time and the two were tied with Chad Graves, who won the event last year, and Daniel Treat. Both groups are from Sheridan.

Hurst was just getting over a bout of pneumonia and was starting to feel the effects of the two-day event on Sunday. The twosome was three strokes back going into the final five holes when the new guy stepped up.

Pledger made birdies on holes 14, 15 and 16 to help the two pull even with Graves and Treat going into the 18th hole.

Hurst pared the final hole and Treat three-putted to give his twosome a bogey, giving Hurst his second title and Pledger his first.

“Felt good to get it done again,” Hurst said. “Chris definitely carried me through my lulls and he made birdies when we needed it.”

Pledger knew how important it was to start putting a string of birdies together, and he felt the pressure to do just that.

Pledger, who golfed at Arkansas State, relishes that kind of pressure, though.

“I like to will them in when I need them, and we needed it bad,” he said. “I felt the pressure a little bit, and that’s what I live for. I play better under that condidtion.”

Even though the two are from Sheridan, it was their first time playing together, but it will not be the last time.

“It feels great playing with him,” Pledger said. “I think we make a great team and this won’t be the last time.”

For Treat, the loss was a tough one to take. Pledger and Hurst said Treat and Graves were making their putts the whole day until Treat three-putted on hole 18.

“It was a choke job, a straight up choke,” Treat said.

The loss was hard for Graves to talk about.

“They played well and they deserved it,” he said. “They owe me a 12-pack, but I would rather have the win than the 12-pack.”