Zebras have sloppy scrimmage

WEST MEMPHIS — Pine Bluff may have had a lead after halftime, but by the end of the scrimmage against West Memphis on Tuesday, head coach Bobby Bolding could not even remember who had the scores.

He just remembered what the Zebras did wrong all throughout a scrimmage that West Memphis won 17-10.

“We just didn’t play very well,” Bolding said. “They just did what they wanted to do. … Lots of missed assignments on offense and lots of mistakes on defense. We just didn’t do a lot right tonight. We didn’t prepare mentally before the game.”

Bolding said the scrimmage looked like recent practices, which was not a compliment.

“Almost like watching practice because the same things we did wrong there, we did wrong here,” he said. “We went at it like practice and it looked like it. … But that’s just what I saw from the sidelines. After I look at the film, it could be worse.”

Pine Bluff had all 10 of its points by halftime, but Bolding did not remember how big the lead was.

“I don’t even remember how we scored,” he said.

That’s how much Pine Bluff’s play wore on him. The second team did end up playing one quarter of the scrimmage for the Zebras.

Bolding is used to sloppy scrimmages by his team every year, so this scrimmage was no different.

“We kind of look this way every year during our scrimmage,” he said. “We just sit there and tell them every day and they won’t listen. Then they get hit in the end and learn they have to fix things. But this for us was pretty messy.”

On defense, too many players were selfish, Bolding said.

“We were very undisciplined with our eyes and just did what they wanted to do,” Bolding said. “We were out of position and to make matters worse, we didn’t tackle very well.”

The offense had a lot of missed assignments to make matters worse.

“We had blocking issues the whole second half,” Bolding said. “Pass protection, missed blocks on wide receivers, quarterbacks getting antsy.”

While Bolding is happy that his team got a wakeup call against West Memphis, it will take some time to see if the players respond to it.

“We have had times that we had teams that didn’t respond,” he said. “Half of them will look at the film and say we need to fix it. Just need half of them to step up and be leaders and say what we need to fix.”

Pine Bluff’s first game is on Aug. 31 at Fort Smith Northside.