Zebras’ offense making strides in practice

Pine Bluff High football coach Bobby Bolding has seen his team’s offense improve greatly during fall camp. Now he’d just like to see the Zebras’ defense make the same kind of strides.

“I’m feeling really comfortable with our QBs and our tailbacks,” Bolding said. “(Ladarrius) Skelton has been looking really good, but I feel good about the other two guys (Kenan Brown and Roger Totten), as well. I’d have no qualms about playing either one of those guys.

“As for the tailbacks, I’ve seen good things out of Kentorius White, Romar Reades and Trevor Hunt. I feel good about them.”

The young guys who will be lining up in front of those players have impressed Bolding, too.

“The offensive line is coming along,” he said. “The thing we’re trying to do now is build some depth.”

A defense that only returns one starter is where Bolding sees the most room for improvement.

“We’ve got lots of young guys on defense,” he said. “… We’ve been spending a lot of time on technique.

“With all the time we’ve spent on that, I’ll be interested to see if we can actually go out and tackle somebody.”

Bolding will get his first chance to see that when Pine Bluff travels to West Memphis to play in a scrimmage at 6 p.m. Tuesday.

“I know there are going to be some jitters,” Bolding said. “I know we’ll make lots of mistakes. …

“It will be good to gauge what kind of condition they’re in.”

Cardinals trying to get some guys ‘up to par’

The way Dollarway football coach Cortez Lee sees it, there are two types of players on his team.

“We’ve got some guys who have been working out and conditioning all summer,” Lee said. “Then you have those guys who don’t start doing things until school starts.

“So right now, you know, we have an influx of guys you have to get up to par, get them acclimated and up to speed.”

Aside from seeing what kind of physical condition everybody is in, Lee will be looking for how his team handles the basics when the Cardinals take on Little Rock McClellan in a road scrimmage at 6 p.m. Tuesday.

“I want to see them knowing their assignments,” Lee said. “I want to see them hustling on and off the field and having no pre-snap mistakes.

“But most of all, I want to see them playing with a passion and love for the game.”

Bulldogs anxious for scrimmage

White Hall football coach Mike Vaughn cannot wait for his team’s scrimmage 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at Malvern.

“I think we’re coming along, but practicing with yourself you can’t really ever tell,” Vaughn said. “That’s why we’re really looking forward to scrimmaging with somebody else. …

“You kind of get tired of just hitting yourself.”

Vaughn knows he’ll have a much better idea of what the Bulldogs need to work on after Tuesday’s scrimmage.

“Either way, it’s going to be an eye-opener,” he said. “You don’t know how far they’ve come, yet.

“I’ll be interested to see how they do going against somebody they don’t know when they’re kind of under the gun and with people watching them.”

Two players Vaughn will pay close attention to on Tuesday are quarterbacks Kirk Baugh and Clayton Bowers.

“Both quarterbacks have had a good camp,” he said. “Kirk Baugh is still a little bit ahead.

“He’s a little bit faster and little bit more experienced, but Clayton has been doing well, too.”

Vaughn said both players will see significant time against Malvern.

Eagles seeing fundamental progress

Ridgway Christian football coach Trent Young has kept the Eagles focused on the fundamentals and, so far, the team is responding well.

“The senior high is progressing pretty good,” Young said. “… We’ve been working on trying to be physical and improving the fundamentals more, and they’ve gotten better at blocking and tackling.

“They’ve also retained what we’ve gone over.”

Young has seen his players get stronger and hopes their strength continues to increase.

“Through the summer, we’ve improved on our strength level,” he said. “We’re still not where we need to be, but we’ve gotten better and we need to continue to get better.”

Attempts to reach Watson Chapel football coach George Shelton were unsuccessful. The Wildcats will play in a scrimmage at 7 p.m. Tuesday at Forrest City.