Towers’ condition improves

The football season may be over for Star City, but coach Blair Brown is still hoping for small victories for his linebacker Zack Towers, who is still in the Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock because of a head injury he suffered a couple of weeks ago.

Last week, Towers was upgraded from critical to serious condition. On Wednesday, there were multiple reports that Towers is breathing on his own now.

Brown could not confirm those reports because he wants to keep Towers’ medical situation confidential out of respect for the family, but he said he has only been hearing good things.

“We’ve heard good things (Wednesday) and just some small victories and that’s what everyone is praying for,” he said. “Everyday, small victories and one day it will pike up and we will see it through.”

Brown said that there have been a lot of “positives” with Towers’ condition in the last 48 hours.

“It’s just been a tough situation, but I know the family has been there and the prayers have come from all over the world,” Brown said. “The glory goes to the Lord and that’s what is most important.”