The whole truth about accountability

Editor, The Commercial:

I first would like to thank Ms. Hatley , the principal of Southeast Middle School, for her persistence in making things right for my son. I also would like to thank Coach Bolden for his concern and care for my son. Now to the Pine Bluff School Board, I thank you for stepping in and taking the bull by the horn and making it all right.

Pine Bluff, the whole truth is that the school board knew nothing about my son’s accident until it hit the paper. Mr. Payne took it into his own hands and did not inform them. My plea to the parents, community, faculty and staff in the Pine Bluff District: Please make sure everyone at the top knows your story. Dr. Watson, the interim superintendent, thank you for stepping in and stepping up. To the superintendent and the school board, please remember that communication is the key in moving the district in the right direction.

Katrina Tate

Pine Bluff