The UAPB effect

Editor, The Commerical:

During this season of celebrating the 139th Founder’s Day at UAPB, and with commencement upon us, I’ve been reflecting on what I consider as the “UAPB Effect.” I think much too often there are many who may summarize UAPB and its presence into what happens here during homecoming weekend. I’ve seen the printed quotations measuring the economic impact of homecoming weekend. Yes, that weekend is truly a festive and happy time, and it does make a positive difference for this community. As an alum I love homecoming weekend. However, during this historic Founder’s Day weekend, I thought of how UAPB has delivered to this community so many citizens who otherwise would not be here were it not for UAPB.

As a native Pine Bluffian, I just ran down a short list of folk who, while not native born in Pine Bluff, are now “homies.” Yes, they’ve raised families here, bought homes and cars, paid taxes, and all other activities that build a community. Yet most importantly, how does one quantify their contributions to this community in the fields of work that stretch from education to medicine, to manufacturing, to law enforcement, to banking, to any endeavor with this community? How do we natives measure what our lives would be like with our “UAPB homies” who just happen not to have been born in this community. Perhaps it’s just me, but that immeasurable attribute is what I truly consider as “the UAPB Effect.” It’s one that goes much deeper than homecoming weekend.

Don Scott

UAPB Class of ‘73