Support for The Pines mall

I wish to commend the management at The Pines mall for efforts that are under way to revive it.

If Pine Bluff is to survive and thrive, its economic house must be in order. Pine Bluff needs a stronger economic base. One of the ways to do this is by giving more support to stores at the mall.

I am asking you, Pine Bluff, to join me in a campaign to support the mall. Three basic things we can do to support the mall are by visiting the mall, purchasing items from stores at the mall and promoting the mall.

I firmly believe Pine Bluff can be a better place to live, and for this to occur, we need to better our economic condition. Supporting stores that currently exist at the mall will help our city economically, resulting in additional new businesses coming to the mall and to our city, also resulting in new jobs coming to the city of Pine Bluff.

Let’s do it, Pine Bluff. Support The Pines. To the management at the mall, I simply say, “Keep up the good work.”

Milton H. Jenkins

Pine Bluff