Reader believes in showing respect

I want to ask our city and county fathers and sisters: Where were you on Saturday, July 7, 2012, at 1400 hours? Do you not think that your appearance at a funeral for a genuine American hero would have been in order? After all, many of your employees were there. The Pine Bluff police officers and the Jefferson County Sheriff Deputies were in attendance. Do you think that a person who fought and died in the war on terror is important enough for you to attend their funeral? What does it take for you supposed leaders to involve yourselves in the sorrows of the community? I don’t remember seeing you at other community functions, unless of course your attendance would have some political expedience. If your elected position requires you to lead, then why don’t you show it? Sgt. Michael Strachota did not ask to die for us, but he did. Why don’t you show some respect?

Michael Sanford

Pine Bluff