The mess on the site for new center

A few weeks ago, I was pleased to read that plans for the White Hall Community Center were to remove as few trees from the property as necessary.

I had wondered how you could remove just certain “necessary” trees when there were no facility plans approved for the center. But then the timber company must have had its own set of plans!

Gosh, ask a timber company what trees should be removed, and guess what they will do? The results are easy to spot on the community center property. There are about three trees left at the edge of the property and a few that were not worth harvesting scattered around. And a big mess to be cleaned up later. I wonder who will pay for that cleanup ? I hope the city was paid enough for the harvested trees to cover the cost of beautification. I doubt it, and I must say that I wish the present eyesore were in the middle of town for all to “enjoy” rather than the few of us that travel Highway 256.

I am sad and disappointed about this mess. I was hoping for better results since so much time has been spent gathering information and making plans. I’m not sure what to think about the actual center when it is completed.

Pat Freeman

White Hall