Making the right choice to fill slot

After a six-month vacancy in the position of deputy chief in the Pine Bluff Fire Department, Chief Howell has finally decided to fill the position. The position must not be that important to the department, because it has operated without it and there was no sense of urgency to fill the slot. Now, I have been led to believe that Chief Howell has already made his selection for the position.

How can that be? Although the selection process is just beginning, the word is out that this particular person is “the man.” I hope that is not the case; there are other firemen that have credentials and experience that equal and, in some cases, are superior to this person’s. Chief Howell should select the most qualified person, not the most favored person.

I hope this is not true; but if it is, shame on Chief Howell. Morale in the department will go to an all-time low, and lawsuits will ensue. Chief Howell, I ask that you select the most qualified person for the job. If you don’t, you will lose the respect of your subordinates and of the citizens of Pine Bluff.

Jack Foster

Pine Bluff