Let’s honor our veterans on May 26th

Editor, The Commercial:

Once again it is Poppy Day in Pine Bluff. Mayor Carl Redus Jr. has proclaimed May 26, 2012 as official Poppy Day. From the battlefields of World War I, our soldiers brought home memories of the Red Poppy of Flanders Field which represents the supreme sacrifice made by our military. Lt. Col. John McCrae created the poem “In Flanders Field” in their memory. The VFW began the practice of the memorial poppy, which the American Legion Auxiliary followed. Today the poppy not only represents that sacrifice, but helps us to remember all military service to our country. Hearin-Connolly Unit No. 32 will distribute poppies at Brookshire grocery store and USA Drug on 28th street from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the 26th. All donations will go to help veterans in our hospitals and their familes. Let us remember those who have passed on and honor veterans and their familes.

Barbara Rhinehart

Poppy Chairman