Companies won’t tolerate deceit

Some food for thought:

1. Why do Republicans insist that we pay premiums to private insurance companies whose profits add to our healthcare costs? A single payer system costs much less; there is far less paperwork expense, as well as fewer legal costs to get coverage that private companies tend to deny.

2. Bain Capital, Mitt Romney’s company of record, perfected the exporting of jobs from the U.S. to cheap-labor foreign companies. They set the standard for the rest of the major companies in America to export jobs to slave-wage regions, and others quickly followed suit. Just how are such policies helpful to middle- and working-class Americans? And why in blazes would sensible people vote this candidate into presidential office?

3. There appears to be a would-be dictator in the mayor’s office! And why would the City Council toss out the Civil Service Commission and leave the employees and department heads to such “tender mercies”? There have been far too many cases of statements from his office and from those of his cohorts that cannot be substantiated, if we are to believe the quotes that have been reported.

If the city continues to tolerate such things that have been reported recently, then Pine Bluff will continue to wither and die on the vine. When it has run its course and what I’m saying here has come to pass, then all the councils and agencies will get the justly-deserved blame. You are being alerted here. Companies can’t and won’t deal with lying and deceitful officials in any city when there’s a choice.

Karl Hansen