Clerk details duties of county office

As a service to the residents of Jefferson County, the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office would like to clarify its role in the election process. Many of the general duties statutes assigned to the county clerk are essentially maintenance of county records, and, concerning elections, that remains true.

The county clerk is to maintain a voter registration list that poll workers are to use in verifying a potential voter’s qualification to participate directly in a particular election for a particular precinct, whether they must vote provisionally or whether they may not vote at all.

The county clerk also records filings regarding candidacies, contributions and registrations and reports of exploratory committees.

The county clerk receives absentee ballot applications and must be satisfied that the applicant is a qualified registered elector. The county clerk conducts early voting and is the custodian of absentee and early voting ballots, which are forwarded to the election officials who count votes.

For further clarity, Jefferson County residents should know that the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office does not establish or alter any kind of geographical boundaries associated with elections. It does not create ballots. The county clerk does not train, oversee or pay poll workers or other election officials, including the election coordinator or board of election commissioners. The clerk doesn’t operate election day voting, polling locations or machines. The county clerk doesn’t canvass or count votes, nor does the office audit vote logs. Finally, the county clerk does not declare election results or certify elections.

The primary role of the county clerk’s office is to record the data associated with an election for use by other officials in executing the election process.

Patricia Royal Johnson

Jefferson County Clerk