WOS thankful for donations

Editor, The Commercial:

The (WOS) Women of Steel Evergreen Packaging Local 1731 chairperson Gale Jones, president, and Trey Huffy would like to thank all of our co-workers and family in helping us to help the Alesha (Brasfield) Neal family during the holiday. She lost a daughter this summer and her home in December. Alesha and her 15-year-old daughter were burned. Donations over $1,200, clothing and school supplies, all were so appreciated.

A special thanks to our Texarkana Mill, Local 1148 president, Barney Krebs, and WOS chairperson, Jackie Boyce, for their generous donation. This was our first project in our WOS local. Alesha’s family would like to thank you for your support of their sister.

Gale Jones

Pine Bluff