A win, win situation — keep Redfield site open

Editor, The Commercial:

Although I do not live in Redfield, I have been keeping up with the news about the closing of Redfield Middle School. As a former educator for over 30 years, it concerns me that the White Hall School Board is considering closing a school with high test scores and an increasing student enrollment. It’s evident, on my occasional visits to Redfield to visit friends, that there is definite growth in Redfield. I see new houses being built at a rapid rate. According to the 2010 U.S. census Report, Redfield has shown a 14.5 percent growth rate since 2000. In addition, I understand that Mayor Tony Lawhon and other city officials have worked with the State Highway and Transportation Department to get sewer and water run to the west side of Interstate 530, thus providing opportunity for more growth in that community.

I know people who have moved to Redfield because of its proximity to Little Rock and Pine Bluff where many Redfield residents are employed. More importantly, they move because of the quality education their children will receive at their neighborhood schools, Hardin Elementary and Redfield Middle School. Parents are able to be more involved in their children’s activities in neighborhood schools. Statistics show where there’s strong parental involvement, students are higher achievers.

My hope is that the White Hall School Board will take a look at the “big picture” and see that the White Hall School District will benefit by keeping the Redfield Middle School open. It would be a “win-win” situation for all involved!

Pat Reese

Pine Bluff