Why have gyms if we can’t use them?

Editor, The Commercial:

I am a retired Gulf War veteran who has faithfully volunteered my time as commissioner of the Youth Basketball Association (Y.B.A.) since 1999. The Y.B.A. has existed since 1987, with more than 200 plus girls and boys ages 6-16. The Y.B.A. is the only basketball league in Pine Bluff that addresses the needs of children who do not make the school teams. This program helps keep our children off the streets by putting them on basketball courts. The Y.B.A. addresses the needs of our children by giving them an outlet, positive role models and a safe environment.

I have worked with four superintendents and only had a problem with one. In 2008, the Y.B.A. season was rescheduled and canceled momentarily by Pine Bluff School Superintendent Frank Anthony. In 2012, we are being refused gym usage by the current superintendent, Frank Anthony, of the Dollarway district.

The Y.B.A. uses school gyms to practice and play their games. The taxpayers pay for the gyms. Now, Y.B.A. is being denied gym usage because of an unwritten superintendent’s rule. In Little Rock and surrounding areas it’s easy to get the use of gyms for athletic purposes. Why have gyms if our children cannot use them? We do not have enough activities in Pine Bluff; now you are denying children usage of taxpayers gyms. This is un-American.

Garland Broom

Pine Bluff