SWAC offcials come under fan’s critical eye

Editor, The Commercial:

I believe there is too much dishonesty in officiating today. I finally realized this during UAPB’s homecoming game. I don’t believe our team made all those mistakes that the SWAC officials leveled against them.

I do believe, however, that the SWAC officials dislike our university and make many unfair calls against our team.

Something must be done to correct this awful behavior because it seems as though the Lions have to play the various opponents and biased official’s as well.

Partiality in officiating is destroying our young people’s faith in integrity and fair play. It also takes the fun and enjoyment out of watching or listening to the games.

Therefore, I believe that sport officials should be compelled to call unbiased games or be forced to relinquish their licenses.

Please, let me know if this can be accomplished. Our beloved university shouldn’t have to endure this kind of abuse.

Mattie B. Collins

Pine Bluff