Solutions to solve city’s litter problem

Please allow me to bend your ears concerning the litter problem once again.

“Where do you put the trash after you have picked it up?” This is the million dollar question.

At the beginning of my mission, I began to pile the litter up into piles at various points in my walks. Sometimes, a bag would be mysteriously provided for me by good, orderly direction, allowing me to leave bags instead of piles. Occasionally, I carry a white garbage bag with me for the purpose of litter disposal. I have left several of these white garbage bags on the corners of various downtown streets.

My concern today is that although I voluntarily collected the garbage, nobody has yet to collect the collections. Also, it has been over a week since the elections, and I have not seen one single candidate removing their campaign signs from empty lots, lawns and other green spaces. Do I need to say more?

Now, back to the point of this letter. Would it be possible for the city or a civic group to pick up and dispose of the full bags of trash? I am slight in build and would have a little trouble toting the bags to an appropriate receptacle. Speaking of receptacles, I have noticed that the amount of litter upstairs at the civic center is almost nonexistent. I believe this is due to the number of available litter cans.

I have enough faith in my fellow man to believe most people would properly dispose of their trash if they had sufficient containers in which to throw it. To make it fun, some organization could sponsor a contest featuring local artist, decorating metal trash cans.

I am trying to keep this short but sweet. So, God Bless ya’ll and thanks for your time.

C.R. Guess

Pine Bluff