Smithey’s letter was damaging to readers

Bob Smithey had a letter printed in June 1’s edition in which he referred to NAVY SEALs calling for Obama’s help at Bengazi and being denied.

My best research finds that the two “Navy SEALs” that were killed there were EX-Navy SEALs under contract to the CIA, and it was a CIA operation they were doing. They are not and were not members of U.S. Navy or any other MILITARY unit. Mr. Woods (one of the deceased) was reported to have defied orders and to have gone unbidden to the “Embassy” (which was a residence of a State Dept. officer — but NOT an embassy). The other deceased “SEAL” was dispatched later to the CIA’s base in the area at a so called SAFE HOUSE. He was subsequently killed in service to the CIA — not as a NAVY SEAL.

This letter is again an effort on Smithey’s part to demonize and disparage the president. As is often the case, partial truths and deliberate omissions serve the present Republican fire breathers well to disparage a president who’s principal failing is to be black. The printing of it with no verification of its content was not a service to your readership.

Several months ago I alluded to Jim Walton as a principal contributor to efforts to dismantle the public school system. I had not submitted documentation of that assertion and it was excised from that letter.

Of course I am well-aware that you can’t oversee every detail of what goes in the paper. But the policy of one letter every two weeks forbids my immediate refutation of Smithey’s assertion. His misinformation, damaging to those not responsible, will also damage others who will never know it is filled with half truths and fabrications serving his personal agenda.

Karl Hansen